Add a Place: Step-by-Step Instructions

Adding a place to Celiac Safe Eats is as easy as adding a Facebook comment to someone’s timeline. Not sure what information to include? Fear not! In this post we will follow the steps together, with lots of pictures. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open a Celiac Safe Eats Facebook group

Open a city group – for example, Celiac Safe Eats – Los Angeles, by clicking on it in your Favorites list (see Step 2) or by using the Cities page on CeliacSafeEats, and following the link. (No Facebook group for your city? Add one!)


Step 2: Add the Group to your Favorites (optional)

If you want, you can add the group to your Facebook Favorites list by opening the […] menu (next to Notifications) and clicking on Add to Favorites. (If not, you can skip this step.) Adding the group to your Favorites list will make it easier to add comments or see what others are saying.


Step 3: Find the Restaurant on Yelp

Type the name of the restaurant followed by “Yelp” in your browser’s address bar. I’m searching for GROM Gelato in Malibu, CA.


Hit return and click on the result to open the restaurant page on Yelp.


The Yelp page provides address information, and adding this link (step 5) will make your post more useful to others.


Step 4: Start a Comment

Go back to the Celiac Safe Eats Facebook group, and click on Discussion and then on Write Post. We’ll be writing the restaurant information in the white box that says Write something…


Step 5: Add the Restaurant Information

Type the restaurant name and address. (Or copy-and-paste the information from Yelp.) Because Los Angeles is a large metropolitan area I’m writing * Malibu * (followed by a blank line) above the restaurant name and address. This will help people more easily find posts in their area.


Write something about the restaurant. Did you eat there safely? Is the restaurant GIG-certified? What convinced you it was a safe place to eat? Because GROM Malibu is listed on the Gluten Intolerance Group website, I’m going to mention that, and add some interesting information from the GROM website.


Add the Yelp Link. Copy the Yelp URL from your browser’s address bar …


… And paste it into your comment. Facebook will add a photo and information about the restaurant. Here’s what Facebook shows for GROM Malibu:


HINT: If you want multiple links in your post, add the Yelp link first. Facebook apparently only shows one link as a photograph. Add additional links (for example, to the restaurant’s website) after the Facebook link has turned into a photograph!

Step 6: Don’t Forget to Post!

Good job! It looks great, doesn’t it? But we’re not quite done. Time to POST. Click on the Post button, step back and admire your work!


Congratulations! We just added a place to Celiac Safe Eats! This is how my post turned out.


Step 7: Leave a Reply Below and Share Your First Post!

We’d love to see your first post! You can get a link to your post by clicking on the time to the right of your picture. (Mine says “Just Now,” because I just posted it. Later, it will show the date and time.)

Facebook will open a new window with your post in it. Copy the URL from your browser’s address bar:


… And paste it into the comments. That’s it!


Please let us know if any of these steps need more clarification, and thanks for sharing!

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