Celiac Safe Eats in Seattle

When my daughter was accepted to the University of Washington, I knew I needed to find places nearby where we could eat safely.  Gluten Free Mom got us started on the right track with Razzi’s Pizzeria (see below), and I’m happy to have discovered several additional places.

Because neither my daughter nor I have very noticeable symptoms after eating gluten, I have to preface this post with a disclaimer: Always do your due diligence before eating out. Ask questions, trust your instincts, and don’t eat anywhere you aren’t comfortable. But then, you already know that. 🙂 Please let me know if you find any issues with any of the restaurants on this list. And now, on to the list! 

Razzi’s Pizzaria

As I mentioned above, Gluten Free Mom told us about Razzi’s Pizzaria in the Greenwood area, about a 15-minute drive from downtown Seattle. Razzi’s features a gluten-free kitchen (love that!) and a gluten-free menu that is as big as their regular menu. They have appetizers, pastas, baked pastas, salads, sandwiches, and—of course—pizza! What a treat to have so many options.

I’m also extremely happy that Razzi’s introduced me to …

Ghostfish Brewing Company – 100% GF

Until I had the Watchstander Stout at Razzi’s, I thought I would never again taste good beer. (Since then, I’ve discovered several other beers, but that’s another post!) I’m so happy that Ghostfish also has a Gastropub just a few minutes south of downtown Seattle, in the Industrial District. They have pub food and of course, excellent craft beer! I haven’t been since they completed their kitchen and menu upgrades, but I hope to visit soon.

The Zouave Restaurant

This is a cute and cozy restaurant about 15 minutes north of downtown Seattle. The owner is the cook and is very knowledgeable about avoiding cross-contamination. Zoave serves excellent food, including gluten-free gnocchi and Osso Buco.

Capitol Cider – 100% GF

Capitol Cider has great food and a great atmosphere. Located in the Capitol Hill area of downtown Seattle, they have a main floor dining room and a downstairs game room featuring live music. Their menus are extensive and all 100% gluten free! I’ve only eaten here once, but I enjoyed the food as well as the famous paintings done by local art students in the main dining room. I’m not a huge cider drinker, but—as the name suggests—they have more ciders (bottles and on tap) than I knew existed, as well as a full bar.

I Love My GFF (food truck) – 100% GF

If you’re lucky (or ambitious) enough to find one of the I Love My GFF food trucks, you are in for a fast-food treat. Everything is 100% gluten free and delicious! You can either order the Fiesta or the Sunshine Bowls, which feature quinoa, beans, chicken, vegetables, cheese and seeds with different sauces. They will customize your bowl to make it vegan or vegetarian and you can order a GF chocolate-chip cookie for dessert. 100% gluten-free food trucks and carts make so much sense to me—small, easy-to-manage, and no cross-contamination issues. I wish there were more of them. I Love My GFF food trucks are definitely worth tracking down.

Blue Moon Burgers

Gluten free onion rings in a separate fryer. Need I say more? They also have regular and sweet potato fries as well as gluten free buns for the burgers. You can build your own, or choose from their signature burgers, including a paleo burger. Their menu features beef and chicken burgers plus black bean and falafel patties. They also have grilled cheese and BLT sandwiches, salads, and milk shakes. I’ve only been to the Fremont location (about 15 minutes north of downtown), but they have three other locations as well: two in downtown (South Lake Union and Capitol Hill) and one in West Seattle. Good burgers, yummy onion rings, but I somehow never have room for a milk shake.

Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe (Vegan)

Chaco Canyon features fresh, organic foods and smoothies. Many items are gluten free and are listed on the menu. I’ve only been to the location in the University District (here’s their menu), but there is also a location in West Seattle (with a similar menu) and a Bakery Cafe in the Greenwood area (with a slightly smaller menu). I had the gluten-free french toast, which was very tasty. If you’re in the mood, they serve breakfast all day!

Cinnamon Works Bakery

If you visit Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, you can pick up a gluten-free cinnamon roll and cookies from Cinnamon Works Bakery. This is NOT a 100% GF bakery, but they take precautions and have received several positive celiac reviews on Yelp. If you go, be advised: They sometimes sell out of the gluten free items.

I Have Yet To Try These

Maybe I’ll get to these places on my next trip!

Flying Apron – 100% GF and Vegan

I’ve read recommendations for Flying Apron (can’t remember where), but I have yet to visit. Flying Apron is in Fremont, about 15 minutes north of downtown Seattle and they also have a location in Redmond, WA. According to their website they serve “… a delectable line of house-made savory menu items offered daily including: soups, salads, lasagna, pizza, pockets, mac-n-chez, tofu scramble and quiche” in addition to cakes and other baked goods. Sounds yummy! I can’t wait to try it.

Nuflours – 100% GF and peanut-free

Nuflours has a breakfast and lunch menu, as well as delicious looking breads, muffins, cakes, and other treats. They are located in the Capitol Hill area of downtown Seattle. From their website: ” Everything is gluten free and peanut free, with the majority of our products being rice, corn, and soy free. (v) – vegan  (df) – dairy free  (ef) – egg free  (gf) – grain free.” So, if you have multiple allergies, I would definitely check our Nuflours. I hope I can make it on my next trip.


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