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Documentation engineer at Facebook. Math tutor. Former aerospace engineer and programmer/analyst.

Using Yelp Reviews

Because I don’t react to being glutened, I rely on outside information to find restaurants I want to try. Frustrated[1] with searching for terms like “GF” or “gluten free,” I began using the term “celiac” to filter reviews on Yelp. Although it can be exciting to find several “celiac” reviews, I have to read each one carefully.

Not all reviews are positive.

Sometimes the reviewer says something like, “If you have celiac, don’t eat here!” Good information and I stay away from that restaurant! Continue reading


Why Celiac Safe Eats?


In 2011, I was diagnosed with celiac disease along with another GI condition. In hindsight, I’ve probably had celiac my whole life but never any symptoms that I recognized. On the positive side, I don’t spend days or weeks recovering from a glutening incident. I also never know if I am eating out safely.

Desire to Eat Out

I cook much more (and better) than I did before my diagnosis. However, for social and mental health reasons – as well as the need (and desire) to travel – I can’t always prepare my own meals. Because I never know if I’m being glutened, I tend to be very selective about where I eat and what I eat. Continue reading

How to add a new Celiac Safe Eats city group to Facebook

This post describes how to set up a Celiac Safe Eats city group. (Facebook has resources for using your account to create a group, so I won’t duplicate that information here.) Creating consistent groups will help people quickly find information about where to eat safely, regardless of the city they choose.

First step: Create a Facebook group.

Use Celiac Safe Eats – Your City Name as the name of your group; for example, Celiac Safe Eats – Seattle or Celiac Safe Eats – New York. Invite one or more people to the group. (This appears to be required.) Make the group Public. You can add the group to your Favorites list, if you want. Continue reading